Kekec (1951)

Year: 1951
Runtime: 87 minutes
Country: Yugoslavia
Language: Slovenian
Subtitles: English (.srt)
Genre: Adventure | Family

Director: Joze Gale

Matija Barl … Kekec
Frane Milcinski … Kosobrin
Franc Presetnik … Bedanec
Zdenka Logar … Mojca
Lado Leskovar
Vida Levstik … Mother
Fran Lipah … Musician
Alenka Lobnikar … Tinka
Joze Mlakar … Rozle
Lojze Potokar … Father
Modest Sancin … Misjek
Drago Zupan … Night guard


This unpretentious, heartwarming, B&W film is one of Slovenia’s best movies. In an idyllic village setting in the Julian Alps, a small fearless boy stands up against the long bearded tatterdemalion who terrifies the other villagers.
The plot is not terribly realistic, but the boy’s character works well as a semi-archetype of the down-to-earth “nature’s child” who overcomes obstacles by the sheer force of will and a pure heart.
Personally, I feel that Barl’s interpretation of the boy is somewhat strained. But the rest of the cast – including the dog – are very good. And the music is almost perfect. All in all, the movie conveys a touching – if perhaps imaginary – image of a pristine rural community, many many decades ago. ~ Man and Goat (rehash)

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