Provocation (1996) – Italy


Year: 1996
Original title: Provocartion
Runtime: 1 hour 47 minutes
Country: Italy
Language: English (dubbed)| Italian (original)(dual-audio)
Subtitles: Romanian
Genre:  Drama | Romance
Director:  Joe D’Amato
Erika Savastani … Amelia
Fabrizia Flanders … Marilinda
Gianni Demartiis … Carlo
Lindo Damiani … Gianni
Antonio Ascani … Giorgio

Plot / Synopsis:
Beautiful Amelia dream about a tender and sensual love with the engineer, Rolando. Because her husband Carlo, the owner of a small hotel, very rough with her. Besides, Carlo had his eye on the young Marilinda. Amelia cannot cope with the deepest feelings. Forgetting everything, she threw herself into the sea of love.

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Provocation (1996)

Love Is Blind (2013) – Estonia


AKA: Kertu. Love Is Blind.
Year: 2013
Original title: Kertu
Runtime: 1 hour, 37 minutes
Country: Estonia
Language: Estonian
Subtitles: Spanish
Genre: Drama | Romance
Director: Ilmar Raag
Jüri Lumiste
Mait Malmsten … Villu
Ursula Ratasepp … Kertu
Külliki Saldre … Anu
Leila Säälik … Malle
Peeter Tammearu … Jüri

Plot / Synopsis: 
A small village in Estonia. Kertu has lived here for over 30 years under her father’s power. He is the reason she has a fear of strangers. Gentle and sensitive by nature, she is considered naive, reclusive and shy by the locals. One day the young woman makes an attempt to change something in her life. She sends a postcard to Villu, a handsome but degenerate village drunk and womanizer. After Midsummer’s Day Kertu goes missing without a trace. Her entire family panics because this has never happened before. After a long search she is found trembling under Villu’s bed. The judgemental villagers and the family accuse Villu of taking advantage of the woman. But what really happened that night? The slowly unravelling truth is more shocking than anyone could ever imagine. An unusual love story that depicts hidden relationships of people in a small village and one family. The film asks about a person’s right to love and happiness.

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Love Is Blind (2013) Kertu {Estonia}  

The Sparrow’s Fluttering (1988) – Italy

AKA: Moments Of Love
Year: 1988
Original title: Il frullo del passero
Runtime: 1 hour, 31 minutes
Country: Italy | France
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English
Genre: Erotic Drama | Romance
Director: Gianfranco Mingozzi
Philippe Noiret … Gabriele Battistini
Ornella Muti … Silvana
Nicola Farron … Young Man
Chiara Argelli … Gabriele’s Wife
Sabrina Ferilli … La donna delle stelle

Plot / Synopsis:
A woman, who has been the mistress of a man who has just died, thinks about leaving the little Italian village where they lived and moving to another place. An old and rich man offers her a place in his house, however, she will have to listen to him telling his past love stories.

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The Sparrow’s Fluttering (1988) Il frullo del passero

L’amore è imperfetto (2012) – Italy

Year: 2012
Original title: L’amore è imperfetto
Runtime: 1 hour, 32 minutes
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Genre: Drama | Romance
Director: Francesca Muci
Anna Foglietta … Elena
Bruno Wolkowitch … Ettore
Giulio Berruti … Marco
Camilla Filippi … Roberta
Lorena Cacciatore … Adriana

Plot / Synopsis:
At 35, Elena is attractive and chic, she’s also sensible and has a good job in a publishing company. Elena stopped believing in love a long time ago. Several years earlier, when she was still in college and living with her flatmate Roberta, she believed in absolute love. She thought she’d found it when she moved in with Marco, a handsome young photographer.

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L’amore è imperfetto (2012)

The German Friend (2012) – Germany

AKA: My German Friend
Year: 2012
Original title: El amigo alemán | Der deutsche Freund
Runtime: 1 hour, 43 minutes
Country: Germany | Argentina
Language: German | Spanish
Subtitles: English | German
Genre: Drama | Romance | War
Director: Jeanine Meerapfel
Cast :
Max Riemelt … Friedrich Burg
Benjamin Sadler … Michael Tendler
Celeste Cid … Sulamit Löwenstein
Hartmut Becker … Herr Werner Kunheim
Jean Pierre Noher … Philipp Löwenstein
Fernán Mirás … Profesor Durán
Daniel Fanego … Eduardo
Adriana Aizemberg … Tante Else
Nathalie Lucia Hahnen … Studentin
Katja Alemán … Martha Burg
Joaquín Berthold … Polaco
Nicolás Torcanowsky … Jorge
Carlos Kaspar … Rudolf Burg
Noemí Frenkel … Ida Löwenstein
Sebastián Mogordoy … Enfermero 2

Plot / Synopsis:
An epic love story spanning thirty years, My German Friend is set against a backdrop of political upheaval and historical change in Argentina. Sulamit, daughter of Jewish emigrants to Buenos Aires, befriends Friedrich, a German boy living across the street, and friendship turns to love. When Friedrich returns to Germany upon hearing some startling news, Sulamit follows him. She soon realizes that his political commitment leaves no room for them as a couple. After learning of his disappearance as part of Argentina’s “Dirty War,” Sulamit finally follows her heart and embarks on a journey to find him.

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The German Friend (2012) El amigo alemán 

No Regrets (2001) – Germany

Year: 2001
Original title: Nichts bereuen
Runtime: 1 hour, 40 minutes
Country: Germany
Language: German
Subtitles: English | Spanish | Russian (.srt)
Genre: Drama | Comedy | Romance
Director: Benjamin Quabeck
Cast :
Daniel Brühl … Daniel
Jessica Schwarz … Luca
Marie-Lou Sellem … Anna
Denis Moschitto … Dennis
Josef Heynert … Axel
Sonja Rogusch … Maria
Gerd Croll … Opa Bröcking
Ellis Heiden … Frau Grieger
Sebastian Rüger … Lollek
Rolf Kanies … Daniels Vater
Heidrun Bartholomäus … Axels Mutter
Christian Tasche … Axels Vater
Jens Baum … Junge mit Wurstbrot
Lee Buddah … Ulli
Sarah Fastenrath … Ital. kellnerin

Plot / Synopsis:
This teenage drama deals with the emotional chaos of a high school graduate at the beginning of a new period of his life. 19-year-old Daniel is frustrated: he wants his great love Luca to be the “first” woman in his life, but she seems to be unreachable, so he is still a virgin. During his community service as a male nurse, his boss Anna falls in love with him and they finally have sex. Suddenly Luca is interested in Daniel…

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No Regrets (2001) Nichts bereuen

Dancing in Water (1985) – Serbia

AKA: Hey Babu Riba | Miriana
Year: 1985
Original title: Bal na vodi
Runtime: 01:48:48
Country: Yugoslavia
Language: Serbo-Croatian
Subtitles: English (.sub) | Spanish (.srt)
Genre: Drama | Romance
Director: Jovan Acin
Gala Videnovic … Mirjana ‘Ester’ Zivkovic
Relja Basic … Glenn
Nebojsa Bakocevic … Young Glenn
Marko Todorovic … Sasa
Dragan Bjelogrlic … Young Sasa
Milos Zutic … Kica
Srdjan Todorovic … Young Kica
Djordje Nenadovic … Pop Popovic (as George Heston)
Goran Radakovic … Young Pop
Milan Strljic … Young Ristic
Dragomir ‘Gidra’ Bojanic … ‘Joe’ Ristic (as Anthony Gidra)
Ljubisa Samardzic … Glenn’s father
Ruzica Sokic … Kica’s mother

Plot / Synopsis:
In 1985, four middle-aged Yugoslav emigres return to Belgrade for the funeral of Mariana, their beautiful compatriot. They called her Esther, for Esther Williams, she was the coxswain for their four-man rowing team, and they each loved her. They’d last seen her in 1953, when they rowed her across the Adriatic, pregnant, to join her exiled father in Italy. In flashbacks we learn the story of their youthful baptism into sex, smoking, rock and roll (Hey Ba-ba-re-bop), Hollywood and Swedish films, blue jeans on the black market, and their rivalry with Ristic, the Communist Party youth leader for whom they had instant antipathy.

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Dancing in Water (1985) Bal na vodi

The Garden of Eden (1980) – Italy

Year: 1980
Original title: Eden no sono
Runtime: 106 minutes
Country: Italy | Japan
Language: English (dubbed)
Subtitles: Greek (hardsub)
Genre: Romance | Drama
Director: Yasuzô Masumura
Domiziano Arcangeli
Leonora Fani … Alessandra
Angela Goodwin … Michael’s mother
Antonella Lualdi … Alessandra’s mother
Massimo Serato … Alessandra’s father
Ronni Valente … Michael

Plot / Synopsis
A young pick-pocket meets a sheltered teenage girl at an art museum while trying to lift her wallet. He falls in love with her and lures her to deserted strip of beach where he pretends his stolen motorbike has broken down and they are stranded. An unlikely romance follows.

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The Garden of Eden (1980) Eden no sono


The Girl and Death (2012) – Netherlands

Year: 2012
Original title: Het Meisje en de Dood
Runtime: 2 hours, 2 minutes
Country: Netherlands | Russia | Germany
Language: German | Russian | French
Subtitles: Bosnian | Greek | English | Spanish | Italian | Persian | Romanian | Russian | Brazilian Portuguese (.srt)
Genre: Drama | Romance
Director: Jos Stelling
Sylvia Hoeks … Elise
Dieter Hallervorden … Der Graf
Renata Litvinova … Nina
Henri Garcin … Marcus
Leonid Bichevin … Nicolai
Sergey Makovetskiy … Old Nicolai
Eva-Maria Kurz … The old actress
Maxim Kovalevski … Bruno
Jim van der Woude … Bell-boy
Svetlana Svetlichnaya … Old Nina
Friederike Frerichs
Dmitry Brauer …
Customs Officer
Paul Schlase … Waiter #1
Ulrich Anschütz
Roman Kohnle

Plot / Synopsis: 
The Girl and Death is a story about the impossible love between Nicolai and the courtesan Elise. A love that is obstructed by materialism, wealth and the threat of death. The film, based on an original script by Jos Stelling and Bert Rijkelijkhuizen, tells the story of the Russian doctor Nicolai, who returns to an old hotel, the place where he first met his great love half a century ago and relives his romantic tragedy.
A large part of the film is set in the late nineteenth century, and the action takes place in an abandoned hotel/sanatorium in Tannenfeld, Thuringia, where most of the film was also shot. The hotel still bears the traces of an impressive past. Eventually, it becomes clear why Nicolai has really returned.

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The Girl and Death (2012) Het Meisje en de Dood

Secret Things (2002) – France

Year: 2002
Original title: Choses secrètes
Runtime: 1 hour, 52 minutes
Country: France
Language: French
Subtitles: English
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Fantasy | Romance
Director: Jean-Claude Brisseau
Coralie Revel … Nathalie
Sabrina Seyvecou … Sandrine
Roger Miremont … Delacroix (as Roger Mirmont)
Fabrice Deville … Christophe
Blandine Bury … Charlotte
Olivier Soler … Cadene
Viviane Théophildès … Mme. Mercier
Dorothée Picard … Delacroix’s Mother
Pierre Gabaston … Bar Patron
María Luisa García … Sandrine’s Mother (as Lisa Hérédia)
Arnaud Goujon … Personnel Manager
Liès Kidji … The Young Thief
Patricia Candido Trinca … Office Employee
Lydia Chopart … Office Employee
Michaël Couvreur … Office Employee

Plot / Synopsis
Two young women try to climb the corporate ladder using their feminine wiles in this erotic melodrama from French director Jean-Claude Brisseau. At the beginning of the film, Nathalie and Sandrine work in a strip club, where Nathalie wows the customers with her dancing while Sandrine tends bar. After a fight with their boss, both of them are tossed out late one night. Sandrine, a newcomer to Paris, is late paying her rent and can’t go back to her apartment, so Nathalie invites her to move in with her. They become lovers, and after occupying themselves for awhile by behaving very naughtily in public, decide to conquer the working world with their powers of seduction. They both find jobs at a seemingly normal company and choose as their target a mild-mannered middle-aged bureaucrat named Delacroix. But the company has some kinky secrets of its own, personified by the owner’s son Christophe, a decadent nihilist with a very close relationship with his sister, in whom the women might have met their match.

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Secret Things (2002) Choses secrètes