The Lustful Vicar (1970) – Sweden

Year: 1970
Original title: Kyrkoherden
Runtime: 1 hour 27 minutes
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Subtitles: English  (.srt)
Genre: Comedy
Director: Torgny Wickman
Jarl Borssén … The vicar
Margit Carlqvist … Mother Sibyll
Magali Noël … Countess
Diana Kjær … Sanna
Solveig Andersson… Anita
John Elfström … Parish clerk and organist
Dirch Passer … Bartolomeus
Håkan Westergren… The Bishop
Åke Fridell … Mr. Paular
Lissi Alandh … Mrs. Paular
Arne Källerud … The Mailman
Christer Söderlund… Soldier
Annegrethe Nissen… Barbro, the evil witch
Kim Anderzon … Agneta
Louise Tillberg … Sylfidia
Mona Månsson Ivarson … Berlack
Suzanne Hovinder… Alma
Cornelis Vreeswijk… Troubadour
Inger Öjebro … Dagmar
Karin Miller … Anna
Cleo Boman … Greta
Berit Hindersson… Ingeborg
Bibi Nilsson … Birgit
Emma Wickman… Young messenger
Maud Hyttenberg… Cook
Louis Miehe-Renard… Antonio, professor
Tor Isedal … Obliquely man with a warped wig

Plot / Synopsis: 
The prologue shows the burning of a witch (pretty explicit considering this is a comedy) who curses the descendants of her judge and prosecutor while at the stake.
The main story is set in the early 1800s. Sweden is at war with Russia and most men are under arms, leaving their buxom warm blooded women at home yearning for some male company. The descendant of the witch-burning reverend arrives in a small village as the new priest. All women are exited by his arrival, except one, the daughter of the witch from the prologue. She seeks vengeance for her mother and puts a spell on the priest that causes priapism (a continuous erection). In response to this the women of the village see themselves called upon to try and cure the affliction in the best way they know… This is a product of the sixties. At the time it was a huge success in Sweden.

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The Lustful Vicar (1970) Kyrkoherden


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