Night Games (1966) – Sweden

Year: 1966.
Original title: Nattlek
Runtime: 1 hour, 40 minutes.
Country: Sweden.
Language: Swedish.
Subtitles: English & Swedish (.idx and Sub).
Genre: Drama.
Director: Mai Zetterling.
Ingrid Thulin … Irene
Keve Hjelm … Jan
Jörgen Lindström … Jan age 12
Lena Brundin … Mariana
Naima Wifstrand … Astrid
Monica Zetterlund … Lotten
Lauritz Falk … Bruno
Rune Lindström … Albin
Christian Bratt … Erland
Lissi Alandh … Melissa
Cleo Boman … Guest at party
Monique Ernstdotter … Guest at party
Axel Fritz … Alex
Willy Koblanck … Doctor
Cécile Ossbahr … Guest at party
Harry Schein … Guest at party
Fylgia Zadig … Guest at party

Plot / Synopsis:
A young man and his fiancée visit the castle where he grew up. As the narrative, told in flashback, unfolds, it becomes clear that the boy’s mother has been indulging in sexual peversity ranging from orgies to incest. Zetterling’s second feature was adapted from her own novel and received sensational publicity at the time. The direct treatment of the subject matter – sex, birth and perversion – provoked something of an outcry from the press, who probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid today.

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