Orange Love (2007)

Original title: Orange Love
Year: 2007
Runtime: 1 hour 20 minutes
Country: Ukraina
Language: Russian | English | Ukrainian
Subtitles: English (.srt)
Genre: Drama | Romance

Director: Alan Badoyev

Aleksey Chadov … Roman
Olga Makeyeva … Katya

A sickly man places a classified ad in which he offers a huge downtown loft apartment, utilities, food and eventual ownership of the flat with just one proviso: the couple who moves in must love each other so much that they can remain in the flat all day until the old man’s death. If one of them leaves, the deal is off. Enter the pale and auburn-haired Katya, a cellist who meets photographer Roman, a handsomely muscular young man
It tells the story about two people. They were escaping from a downpour and jumped onto an old Kiev trolley car. He was a young popular photographer.She was a dreamy cello student at the Conservatory. They felt in love,in real love without lie ,only real feelings.This love was special:stubborn, all-encompassing and all-destroying. Suddenly they discovered that she had SNID(sorry i don’t know how it is in English). Everything changed,she didn’t want to live anymore ,but he couldn’t live without her.So he decided to infect himself too…
Tears, desperate scream, happiness were in their hearts…but she got a letter from the hospital that her results were negative- she was healthy. Nothing could be change now.She left him, left him to die alone

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