Vysotsky – Thank You for Being Alive (2011)

Original title: Vysotskiy. Spasibo, chto zhivoy
Year: 3011
Runtime: 1 hour 12 minutes
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Subtitles: None
Genre: Drama | Biography

Director: Pyotr Buslov

Sergey Bezrukov … Vladimir Vysotskiy
Oksana Akinshina … Tatiana
Sergei Shakurov… Semyon Vladimirovixh Vysotsky
Alla Pokrovskaya … Nina Maksimovna Vysotskaya
Andrey Smolyakov … KGB Colonel Bekhteev
Ivan Urgant … Seva Kulagin
Maksim Leonidov … Pasha
Vladimir Ilin … KGB Colonel from Moscow
Andrey Panin … Doctor Nefedov
Dmitri Astrakhan … Fridman
Anna Ardova … Director

This film, according to the scenario of the hero’s son Nikita Vysotsky, throws open the doors to the private chambers of the famous performer: come in, kind people, and take a look at what he was really like – your beloved one, your guru. He was addicted to drugs, lived with a young Muscovite while declaring his love for a Parisian; he was surrounded by various petty bastards and from time to time travelled about the country for unauthorized concerts, allowing all sorts of opportunists to make money off him.
Film was “based on a true story.” One year prior to Vysostky’s death, he gave a concert in Bukhara, and there he had a heart attack – he survived clinical death.

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