An Assassin Passes By (1981) – France

AKA: -
Year: 1981
Original title: Un assassin qui passe
Runtime: 1 hour 42 minutes
Country: France
Language: French
Subtitles: English (.srt)
Genre: Thriller
Director: Michel Vianey
Jean-Louis Trintignant… Ravic
Carole Laure … Pauline Klein
Richard Berry … Jacques
Féodor Atkine … Fontaine
Roland Bertin … L’homosexuel
Béatrice Camurat… Alice, l’amie de Ravic
Didier Flamand … Edouard, l’ami de Pauline
Jeanne Goupil … La prostituée
Nathalie Guérin … La serveuse
Amélie Prévost … La droguée
Jean-Pierre Sentier… Laurent
Alain Bertheau … Le suspect
Christine Datnowsky… L’employée de bureau
Jean-Louis Fortuit… Ferreri
Jean-Paul Muel … Le chef de service
Malène Sveinbjornsson.. La fillette au violon
Anne Roussel … La fille au tourniquet

Plot / Synopsis:
A serial killer who is just passing through..At the time this intellectual thriller The director had big ambitions.Richard Berry portrays a serial killer with frames of mind.A smiling nice one searching for compassion, affection, company .No dramatization,no suspense,the viewer is supposed to find the killer’s behavior “normal” .There’s just one problem:we know nothing about the gentle criminal’s background and all that he does does not concern us .Carole Laure’s part is not credible either.She’s supposed to be a great star,but she does not have any bodyguards,wherever she goes.And,as one of the cops points out,she might (must) have appreciated to be used as a bait.And what cops!All are senseless brutes,always bullying their suspects.There’s no difference -that’s what the flick tends to prove- between us (the Police) and them (the criminals).

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An Assassin Passes By (1981) Un assassin qui passe

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