The Spanker (1976) – France

Year: 1976
Original title: La fessée ou Les mémoires de monsieur Léon maître-fesseur
Runtime: 1 hour 10 minutes
Country: France
Language: French | English (2 Audio tracks)
Genre: Adult
Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert
Antoine Fontaine  …  M. Léon
Massimo Del Arte
Ellen Earl
Liliane Lemieuvre  …  (as Karen Allan)
Martine Grimaud
Corinne Lemoine  …  Elisabeth (as Doris Keene)
Emmanuelle Parèze  …  Germaine

Plot / Synopsis:
Respectable Monsieur Léon, is an unassuming bank teller by day, lover for hire with a specialist sideline in spanking by night! It all started when, as a young man, he caught his supposedly pure girlfriend Elisabeth giving head to gardener Richard “Allan” Lemieuvre. Chasing the other man away, he then punished his lusty lady love by soundly smacking her beautiful bottom as a prelude to their heated lovemaking. Thus discovering a passion for spanking as an expression of love and affection rather than punishment, he has since turned this revelation into a lucrative cottage industry.

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The Spanker (1976) La fessee


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