Voyage to Agatis (2010) – Germany

Year: 2010
Original title: Reise nach Agatis
Runtime: 74 minutes
Country: Germany
Language: German
Subtitles: English (.srt)
Genre: Horror | Mystery
Director: Marian Dora
Janna Lisa Dombrowsky … Lisa
Thomas Goersch … Rafael
Tatjana Mueller … Isabell

Plot / Synopsis:
Isabell and Rafael are going on holiday. On their trip, they pick up young Lisa, who is completely unaware of Rafael’s violent vein, and of his passion for humbling others.

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Voyage to Agatis (2010) Reise nach Agatis


Ruby Red (2013) – Germany

Year: 2013
Original title: Rubinrot
Runtime: 2 hours, 1 minute
Country: Germany
Language: German
Subtitles: English (.srt)
Genre: Fantasy | Sci-Fi
Director: Felix Fuchssteiner
Maria Ehrich … Gwendolyn Shepherd
Jannis Niewöhner … Gideon de Villiers
Veronica Ferres … Grace Sheperd
Uwe Kockisch … Falk de Villiers
Katharina Thalbach … Aunt Maddy
Florian Bartholomäi … Paul de Villiers
Laura Berlin … Charlotte Montrose
Anna Böttcher … Passantin
Sibylle Canonica … Glenda
Sofi de la Torre … Sängerin
Justine del Corte … Madame Rossini
Levin Henning … Nick Shepherd
Gottfried John … Dr. White
Gerlinde Locker … Lady Arista
Jennifer Lotsi … Leslie

Plot / Synopsis:
Gwendolyn Shepherd is actually a very normal 16-year-old teen. What’s annoying is that her family definitely has a tad too many secrets. They all have to do with the time-travel gene that is passed down in the family. Everyone is certain that Gwen’s cousin Charlotte has the gene, and so everything is all Charlotte, all the time. Until the day Gwen, out of the clear blue sky, suddenly finds herself in London at the end of the 19th century. She knows right away that she, and not Charlotte, was born to be a time traveler – even if she could certainly do without it. Just as she could do without Charlotte’s arrogant boyfriend Gideon de Villiers, with whom she now has to forge an alliance in order to clear up the biggest secret of her family history. One thing is clear: she will do everything possible to solve the ancient mysteries. What isn’t clear is that one should not fall in love between the times. For that really makes things complicated!

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Ruby Red (2013) Rubinrot

The Cousin (1974) – Italy

Year: 1974
Original title: La cugina
Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English (vobsubs)
Genre: Comedy | Drama
Director: Aldo Lado
Massimo Ranieri … Enzo
Dayle Haddon … Agata
Conchita Airoldi … Maid (as Cristina Airoldi)
Laura Betti … Rosalia Scuderi
Luigi Casellato … Peppino
Stefania Casini … Lisa Scuderi
Francesca Romana Coluzzi … Deputy’s Wife
Christian De Sica … Ninì Scuderi
Jole Fierro
Loredana Martínez … Giovannella
Stefano Oppedisano … Ugo
José Quaglio … Fragalà

Plot / Synopsis: 
La cugina (which was the film Lado made immediately before Night Train Murders) is a rather slow, and character driven film. It stars Dayle Haddon and Massimo Rainieri as two cousins, who share a mutual sexual attraction from early childhood. The story follows them into adolescence and adulthood, and shows the path their attraction takes, as they become sexually conscious.

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The Cousin (1974 ) La cugina


The Third (2004) – Poland

Year: 2004
Original title: Trzeci
Runtime: 1 hour, 36 minutes
Country: Poland
Language: Polish
Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama
Director: Jan Hryniak
Jacek Braciak
Piotr Buczek
Magdalena Cielecka … Ewa
Agnieszka Dobrowolska-Borowiec
Katarzyna Dziurka
Martin L. Evans
Bartosz Galkowski

Plot / Synopsis: 
Pawel and Ewa, two young yuppies, are spending their perfect and long planned holiday on a yacht. Ewa, an attractive and intelligent and charming woman, is slightly tired and bored with life full on nothing but work. The yacht cruise is intended as some sort of renewal of their relationship. Unfortunately, Paweł has to break this holiday. A multi-million contract seems to be much more important. Ewa sees a newly met elderly man as lover and connoisseur of life. He intends to help the couple, but dose it against their will and using some radical methods.

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The Third (2004) Trzeci


Winning Streak (2012) – Spain

Year: 2012
Original title: The Pelayos | Los Pelayos
Runtime: 1 hour, 37 minutes
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish | Mandarin | French
Subtitles: English
Genre: Action | Drama
Director: Eduard Cortés
Gonzalez Arantxa … Espe
Daniel Brühl … Iván Pelayo
Sònia Casademont … Aurora
Hui Chi Chiu … Shui
Xelo Curiel … Peluquera
Eduard Fernández … La Bestia
Lluís Homar … Gonzalo Pelayo

The movie focuses on the Pelayo family and its capacity to break the most important casinos in Europe, using a new method invented by the family’s patriarch, Gonzalo García Pelayo. Right from the beginning he could count on the help of his son Iván, as well as on the other young members of the family. This experience made them live some of the best moments of their lives.

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Winning Streak (2012) The Pelayos

All Is Silence (2012) – Spain

Year: 2012
Original title: Todo es silencio
Runtime: 1 hour, 53 minutes
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama
Director: José Luis Cuerda
Miguel Ángel Silvestre … Brinco
Quim Gutiérrez … Fins
Celia Freijeiro … Leda
Juan Diego … Mariscal
Luis Zahera … Malpica
Adolfo Fernández
Chete Lera … Rumbo
Teresa Hurtado … Mara
Áxel Fernández … Fins adolescente
Laura Ponte … Guadalupe
Fernando Acebal … Capitán Guardia Civil
Xoque Carvajal … Chelín
Sergio González … Brinco adolescente
Iago Mira … Chelín adolescente
Carolina Cao … Leda adolescente

Plot / Synopsis:
After 20 years of separation, childhood friends Fins and Brinco reunite on opposite sides of the law in this period-drama that spans 1969 – 1989, set on the stunning Galician coast. As teenagers, Fins was clever and responsible, while Brinco was the daredevil of the pair. When Fins’ father dies in a tragic accident he is left orphaned, and is sent away to another town. Fins returns home 20 years later as a narcotics policeman to investigate the crime ring lead by Mafia boss Mariscal who Brinco is now working for. To add insult to injury, Brinco is now married to Fins’ old flame, Leda, who is also on the payroll of Mariscal. A professional and personal war between the two erupts, with shattering consequences.

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All Is Silence (2012) Todo es silencio 

Cyanure (2012) – France

Year: 2012
Original title: Cyanure
Runtime: 108 min
Country: Switzerland | Canada
Language: French
Genre: Drama
Director: Séverine Cornamusaz
Etzlinger Alexandre…Achille
Roy Dupuis…Joe
Sabine Timoteo…Pénélope
Christophe Sermet…Alexis
Ludivine Geschworner…Mathilde
Thierry Jorand…Joe’s boss

Plot / Synopsis:
Thirteen-year-old Achille eagerly awaits his father’s release from prison, fantasizing about how wonderful it will be for his mother, his father and him to be a real family. But his dreams may be dashed by the harsh reality of his situation – a mother tired of waiting and a father who may not be able to adapt to life outside of prison.

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Henry’s Romance (1993) Der grüne Heinrich

Honey (1981) – Italy

Year: 1981
Original title: Miele di donna
Runtime: 1 hour, 23 minutes
Country: Italy | Spain
Language: English (dubbed)
Genre: Erotic Drama
Director: Gianfranco Angelucci
Clio Goldsmith … Anny
Catherine Spaak … Escritora
Fernando Rey … Editor
Donatella Damiani … The Landlady
Nieves Navarro (as Susan Scott)
Lino Troisi … Pensionista
Adriana Russo … Inés
Giuseppe Pennese (as Pino Pennese)
Francisca Fernández
Luc Merenda … El hombre de la habitación

Plot / Synopsis:
An erotic novelist (Catherine Spaak) forces at gunpoint a publisher (Fernando Rey) to read her last novel. The story in the book is of course the core of the movie : a naive young woman (Goldsmith) enters a hotel to spend the night – without knowing that it’s this special kind of hotel, that serves more than breakfastenters. A hotel in which she meets a lot of strange people, and most of those encounters end up with her taking her clothes off. Watch for Spanish actress Nieves Navarro as a dominatrix. The movie is sometimes funny, sometimes sexy, sometimes both, but it really belongs to Clio Goldsmith who’s absolutely gorgeous from beginning to end.

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Honey (1981) Miele di donna

Henry’s Romance (1993) – Switzerland

AKA: Green Henry
Year: 1993
Original title: Der grüne Heinrich | Henri le Vert
Runtime: 1 hour, 50 minutes
Country: Switzerland | France | Germany
Language: French
Subtitles: Italian | English | French (.mkv embed)
Genre: Drama
Director: Thomas Koerfer
Cast :
Thibault de Montalembert … Henri le Vert
Andreas Schmid … Henri le Vert, enfant
Florence Darel … Anna
Anna Scheschonk … Anna, enfant
Assumpta Serna … Judith
Mathias Gnädinger … L’oncle
Christine Schorn … Mama Rosa
Arno Chevrier … Lys
Dominique Sanda … La mère
Heribert Sasse … Roemer
Susanne Bentzien … Rosalie
Nadja Uhl … Agnes
Ronald Nitschke … Mephisto
Paul Burian … Teacher
Pierre Besson … Friend of Lys

Plot / Synopsis:
The night before a duel, Green Henry reflects upon his moving youth. The time was dominated by his early affection for his cousin Anna, who suffers from an incurable sickness, and a sensual actress, called Judith, who teaches Green Henry how to forget his first love.

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Henry’s Romance (1993) Der grüne Heinrich 

At Ellen’s Age (2010) – Germany

Year: 2010
Original title: Im Alter von Ellen
Runtime: 1 hour, 37 minutes
Country: Germany
Language: German | English
Genre: Drama
Director: Pia Marais
Cast :
Jeanne Balibar … Ellen
Stefan Stern … Karl
Georg Friedrich … Florian
Julia Hummer … Rebecca
Alexander Scheer … Bennett
Eva Löbau … Simone
Clare Mortimer … Clare
Ian Roberts … Hagan
Jasna Fritzi Bauer … Billy (as Jasna Bauer)
Patrick Bartsch … Paul
Benno Lehmann … Luis
Fabian Astor … Christian
Louis Lüps … Raffael
Moritz Neuffer … Josche
Tshepang Mohlomi … Joseph (as Tsephang Mohlomi)

Plot / Synopsis:
It’s not exactly clear how old Ellen is, but the world would tell her she’s old enough to know better. The pleasure of watching At Ellen’s Age comes precisely from observing a grown woman take a knowing journey from conformity to radical actions. Ellen is full of surprises, but perhaps never to herself. Ellen Kolmar has a steady, if irregular, life as a Lufthansa flight attendant. But after her husband confesses that he is in the midst of an affair, she suffers a panic attack on the job and is promptly fired. With her entire life turned on its head, Ellen searches for solace in sex and alcohol. But she never could have predicted the incidental fluke that links her with a group of animal activists and sets her on a journey of personal discovery… At Ellen’s Age seasons the commonplace with a pinch of the surreal. It’s just enough to make each new turn of the plot offer up a sensation of wonder. And as Marais reveals more and more of Ellen, we come to know her as a woman who deliberately destroys the foundations of her life and opens her arms to whatever comes next. It’s a thrill to watch.

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At Ellen’s Age (2010) Im Alter von Ellen