Beautiful Youth (2014) – Spain


Year: 2014
Original title: Hermosa juventud
Runtime: 1 hour, 38 minutes
Country: Spain | France
Language: Spanish | German
Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama
Director: Jaime Rosales
Ingrid García Jonsson … Natalia
Carlos Rodríguez … Carlos
Inma Nieto … Dolores
Fernando Barona … Raúl
Juanma Calderón … Pedro
Patricia Mendy … Rosa
Miguel Guardiola … Germán

Plot / Synopsis
Natalia and Carlos, both aged 20, are in love and struggling to survive in today’s Spain. Their limited resources prevent them from getting ahead as they’d like to. They have no great ambitions because they have no great hopes. To earn some money, they decide to shoot an amateur porno film. The birth of their daughter Julia is the main catalyst for the changes they make.

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Beautiful Youth (2014) Hermosa juventud

Sunshine for the Poor (2001) – France


Year: 2001
Original title: Du soleil pour les gueux
Runtime: 00:55
Country: France
Language: French
Subtitles: English (inside the MKV and .srt)
Genre: Drama
Director: Alain Guiraudie
Isabelle Girardet … Nathalie Sanchez
Alain Guiraudie … Djema Gaouda Lon
Jean-Paul Jourdàa … Pool Oxanosas Daï
Michel Turquin … Carol Izba

Plot / Synopsis:
Clocking in at a scant fifty-five minutes, this early work from Alain Guiraudie is alternately loose and precise, with an offbeat sense of humor that works intriguingly against Guiraudie’s precise framing and the determined camerawork of cinematographer Antoine Héberlé (who would reunite with Guiraudie two years later on No Rest for the Brave). The narrative here is a kind of micro-budgeted magical realism, focusing on a woman named Nathalie Sanchez (Isabelle Girardet), a former hairdresser who has started wandering the Causses in search of the “ounaye shepherds,” a group of rural-living men she’s been hearing about since her mother told her stories as a child. Before long, Nathalie Sanchez (the characters in the film always say their names in full) comes across a true-blue ounaye shepherd, Djema Gaouda Lon (Michel Turquin), a bearded man with a black hat and a walking stick. Problem is, he’s lost track of his ounayes, but that’s hardly an issue for Nathalie Sanchez, who sees this as an opportunity to spend some significant time with her own folk hero. Their journey spans several miles, and their conversations yield interesting finds: we learn, for instance, that most ounaye shepherds die young from a disease called “borondale.” The two purveyors also become acquainted with Carol Izba (Guiraudie), a conflicted fugitive on the run from his homeland, and the commanding Pool Oxanosas Daï (Jean-Paul Jourdàa), a renowned bounty hunter (though he prefers the term “pursuit warrior”) on Carol Izba’s tail. As storytelling, the movie is tricky and restrained, but Guiraudie mixes up the pacing by varying the proximity of his camera: in some scenes, the characters are seen in close-up or medium close-up, the banter guiding the filmmaker’s position; in others, Guiraudie pans or tracks as his characters canvas an immense field, their bodies compressing into little dots as they reach the corners of the frames. These shots—documents of gravel, wind, dirt, and the dynamic of four human beings trapped inside a stretch of earth—provide the film’s core.

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Sunshine for the Poor (2001) Du soleil pour les gueux

The Dark Valley (2014) – Austria


Year: 2014
Original title: Das finstere Tal
Runtime: 1 hour, 54 minutes [114 minutes]
Country: Austria | Germany
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Genre: Western
Director: Andreas Prochaska
Sam Riley … Greider
Tobias Moretti … Hans Brenner
Helmuth Häusler … Hubert Brenner
Martin Leutgeb …
Otto Brenner
Johannes Nikolussi … Rudolf Brenner
Clemens Schick … Luis Brenner
Florian Brückner … Edi Brenner
Hans-Michael Rehberg … Brenner
Erwin Steinhauer … Breiser
Franz Xaver Brückner … Franz
Xenia Assenza … Maria
Carmen Gratl … Gaderin
Paula Beer … Luzi
Thomas Schubert … Lukas
Beatrix Brunschko … Mutter Lukas

Plot / Synopsis:
When the snows come, darkness descends on the valley. It is the late nineteenth century; a stranger arrives in this remote community of alpine farmers. His name is Greider and he has apparently been away in America for some time. Ostensibly a photographer, he announces his desire to stay until winter is over. But this reticent observer, who finds accommodation with the widow Gader and young Luzi, finds himself confronted with the deep distrust of an unwittingly close-knit community. Luzi will soon get married; although she loves her fiancé with all her heart, she fears this day more than any other. When the youngest son of the wealthy Brenner farmer has a fatal accident whilst cutting wood, and his brother is found dead in the mill stream soon after, the old order in the valley begins to unravel. But there are things you just can’t talk about, even if you can’t forget them. Thomas Willmann’s novel on which this film is based skilfully weaves the stylistic devices of the rural-based ‘Aga saga’ into a compelling revenge drama. For her screen adaptation, Andreas Prochaska uses motifs from the western to depict, in archaic images, the silent battle of a community with its own laws.

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The Dark Valley (2014) Eng (Das finstere Tal)

S.A.S. San Salvador (1983) – Germany


Year: 1983
Original title: S.A.S. à San Salvador
Runtime: 84 minutes
Country: France | West Germany
Language: English
Subtitles: English | Spanish
Genre: Action | Thriller
Director: Raoul Coutard
Miles O’Keeffe … Malko Linge
Raimund Harmstorf … Enrique Chacon
Dagmar Lassander … Maria Luisa Delgado
Anton Diffring … Peter Reynolds
Catherine Jarret … Rosa
Monika Kälin … Pilar
Alexander Kerst … David Wise
Sybil Danning … Countess Alexandra Vogel
Franck-Olivier Bonnet … Col. Mendoza

Plot / Synopsis: 
Enrique Chacon kills Oscar Romero, a Catholic archbishop in San Salvador. The CIA calls a special agent, Malko Linge, a ruined prince who lives with an expensive woman – Countess Alexandra – to get rid of this nuisance of a man. He does, with many encounters with sweet girls, and macho villains.

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S A S San Salvador (1983) S A S à San Salvador

I Am Twenty (1965) – Russia

Year: 1964
Original title: Mne dvadtsat let
Runtime: 72 mins + 99 mins
Country: Soviet Union
Language: Russian
Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama
Director: Marlen Khutsiev
Valentin Popov … Sergei Zhuravlyov
Nikolay Gubenko … Nikolai Fokin
Stanislav Lyubshin … Slava Kostikov
Marianna Vertinskaya … Anya
Zinaida Zinovyeva … Olga Mikhailovna Zhuravlyova
Svetlana Starikova … Vera Zhuravlyova
Lev Prygunov … Second Lieutenant Aleksandr Zhuravlyov
T. Bogdanova … Lyusya Kostikova
Lyudmila Selyanskaya … Conductress

Plot / Synopsis:
I am Twenty is notable for its often dramatic camera movements, handheld camerawork and heavy use of location shooting, often incorporating non-actors (including a group of foreign exchange students from Ghana and the poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko) and centering scenes around non-staged events (a May Day parade, a building demolition, a poetry reading). Filmmakers Andrei Tarkovsky and Andrei Konchalovsky both play small roles in the film. The dialogue often overlaps and there are stylized flourishes that echo the early French New Wave, especially François Truffaut’s black and white films. The screenplay, co-written by Gennadi Shpalikov, originally called for a film running only 90 minutes, but the full version of the film runs for three hours.

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I Am Twenty (1965) Mne dvadtsat let  

The Postmaster (1940) – Germany


AKA: The Stationmaster
Year: 1940
Original title: Der Postmeister
Runtime: 91 mins
Country: Austria | Germany
Language: German
Subtitles: English (srt) (Many thanks to serdar202 )
Genre: Drama
Director: Gustav Ucicky
Heinrich George … Der Postmeister
Hilde Krahl … Dunja
Siegfried Breuer … Rittmeister Minskij
Hans Holt … Fähnrich Mitja
Ruth Hellberg … Elisawetha
Margit Symo … Mascha
Erik Frey … Sergej

Plot / Synopsis:
When two russian captains of cavalry came to a German post station one of them recalls what happened long time ago. He begins to tell the story: Ten years ago a comrade of them made a resting at the post station and fell in love with the station master’s daughter. He promised everything to her and finally convinced her to come with him to St. Petersburg. When both arrived there she had to realize that her captain never had the intention to marry her.

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The Postmaster (1940) Der Postmeister

Shuting down of Renault factory at Vilvoorde (1999) – Belgium

AKA: La vie sexuellle des belges part 3
Year: 1999
Original title: Fermeture de l’usine Renault à Vilvoorde
Runtime: 1 hour 22 minutes
Country: Belgium
Language: French | English
Subtitles: English (.embeded) | Dutch (hardsubbs)
Genre: Documentary | Action | Crime
Director: Jan Bucquoy
Jan Bucquoy … The director
Nathalie Sartiaux … The assistant of the director
Marie Bucquoy … The assistant of the kidnapper

Plot / Synopsis:
The Renault factory in Belgium must close down. Nobody can believe it. We follow the investigations by the director who is at the heart of the action and who interviews main politicians, the workers who violently protest and the direction. In the fiction part the president-director of Renault, Schweitzer is killed by one of the workers.

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Shuting down of Renault factory at Vilvoorde (1999) La vie sexuellle des belges part 3 Fermeture de l’usine Renault à Vilvoorde


Sukkubus (1989) – Germany

Year: 1989
Original title: Sukkubus – den Teufel im Leib
Runtime: 82 minutes
Country: West Germany
Language: German
Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Horror | Mystery | Thriller
Director: Georg Tressler
Peter Simonischek … Senn
Giovanni Früh … Hirt
Andy Voß … Handrbub (as Andy Voss)
Pamela Prati … Sukkubus

Plot / Synopsis:
Sometime during the 19th century in Switzerland: After a delirious night of drinking, three herdsmen who are all alone in the alps with their kettle, create a female doll from cloth and a strangely formed wooden root. When their creation comes to life in form of an evil and beautiful female demon, they have to fear for their lives…

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Sukkubus (1989) Sukkubus den Teufel im Leib


Love Is Blind (2013) – Estonia


AKA: Kertu. Love Is Blind.
Year: 2013
Original title: Kertu
Runtime: 1 hour, 37 minutes
Country: Estonia
Language: Estonian
Subtitles: Spanish
Genre: Drama | Romance
Director: Ilmar Raag
Jüri Lumiste
Mait Malmsten … Villu
Ursula Ratasepp … Kertu
Külliki Saldre … Anu
Leila Säälik … Malle
Peeter Tammearu … Jüri

Plot / Synopsis: 
A small village in Estonia. Kertu has lived here for over 30 years under her father’s power. He is the reason she has a fear of strangers. Gentle and sensitive by nature, she is considered naive, reclusive and shy by the locals. One day the young woman makes an attempt to change something in her life. She sends a postcard to Villu, a handsome but degenerate village drunk and womanizer. After Midsummer’s Day Kertu goes missing without a trace. Her entire family panics because this has never happened before. After a long search she is found trembling under Villu’s bed. The judgemental villagers and the family accuse Villu of taking advantage of the woman. But what really happened that night? The slowly unravelling truth is more shocking than anyone could ever imagine. An unusual love story that depicts hidden relationships of people in a small village and one family. The film asks about a person’s right to love and happiness.

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Love Is Blind (2013) Kertu {Estonia}  

Cam Girl (2014) – Italy

Year: 2014
Original title: Cam Girl
Runtime: 91 minutes
Country: Italy
Language: italian
Genre: Drama
Director: Mirca Viola
Sveva Alviti … Gilda
Ilaria Capponi … Martina
Marco Cocci … Giovanni
Mauro Conte … Djay
Giovanni Corrado … Matteo
Maria Grazia Cucinotta … Direttrice agenzia
Nicholas Gallo … Absolute
Antonia Liskova … Alice
Alessia Piovan … Rossella
Enrico Silvestrin … Roy

Plot / Synopsis:
Alice lose her jobs due to the economy. Desperate, she involves three friends in a new business, opening a webcam website. At first things seem to be going well but soon will emerge differences and conflicts and each of them will be forced to come to terms with her own destiny.

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Cam Girl (2014)